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Company Skipet LLC is in supply of equipment and spare parts for ship owners and so on ship repair enterprises, industrial enterprises to the place of destination over the world. We also provide complex supplying as foreign made as domestic ship and industrial equipment.

Our company supplies marine diesel-generators, compressors, pumps, fuel equipment, bearings, fittings, stern tube stuffing boxes.

For our customers we provide services in supplying spares for foreign made marine main and auxiliary diesel engines Zulser, MAN, Volvo, MAK, SKL, Scoda, Deutz, Wartsila, Cummins, Famos, Caterpillar, compressors Hatlapa, Sperre, Sauer&Sohn, purifiers Alfa Laval, pumps Iron, Azcue.

Domestic spare parts and equipment is traditional in our product line. Spare parts for 6CHN18/22, 6CH12/14, 4CH10,5/13, 6CH25/34, 6CH23/30, 6CH36/45 (G70), 4CH8,5/11, 3D6, compressors 2ОК-1, КVDM(G), pumps TSVS, NTSV, SH, NSH, separators STS1,5, STS-3.

More information and list of products you can find in the section “Products”

Our company provide marketing service, suppliers’ market analysis, product market analysis, performance price information, special services for our foreign colleagues and partners .

Company Skipet provides logistical services which helps our clients to save considerable resourses.